The member shall not behave in an illegal or fraud-inducing way towards Intelligent DataSoft LLC, other members and/or third parties

The member shall not behave in an illegal or fraud-inducing way towards Intelligent DataSoft LLC, other members and/or third parties

The Member abstains from spreading, in any form whatsoever, information or content incorporating links to third party sites that are illegal, contrary to morality and / or not in accordance with the purpose of the Services.

The member agrees to notify any manifest of illicit content, in accordance with the procedure under article ‘notification of illicit content’ of the present contract.

The member also can report to Intelligent DataSoft LLC the profile of a member not respecting the present terms and conditions through the ‘abuse’ link present on every registered member’s profile.

Overall, the member shall report of any defective services he/she notices to Intelligent DataSoft LLC by means of the «help» menu accessible, online, on the Website.

The violation by a Member of any of these obligations constitutes a serious breach. Any behaviour not respecting the rules of good conduct above or those in the ethical charter of the service may be penalized under the conditions of the article ‘termination’ of the present contract.

10.3 Safety

It is forbidden for a member to access/remain fraudulently in all/part of the Website. It is forbidden to use another access method beside the one made available by Intelligent DataSoft LLC. Upon discovery of such method, or if the member enters a placeholder, without right, inadvertently, the member agrees to promptly inform Intelligent DataSoft LLC to the following address so that appropriate actions can be taken.

The member is not authorized to remove or modify data on the Website, to fraudulently enter data or carry out an alteration on the operation of the Website. He/she shall make sure not to introduce virus, malware or any other harmful technology on the Website or the services provided there.

Any voluntary access to an unauthorized space shall be considered fraudulent access, as provided by civilthe applicable national and international law in force.

The member shall consider that all the data he/she gains knowledge of during such access to an unauthorized space is confidential and therefore shall not disclose it to others.

The member shall particularly not carry out any operation to saturate a page, rebound operations or any operation which could result in disturbing or distorting the operation of the platform.

The member takes all measures to ensure his/her own safety, in particular, for the management of his/her usernames and access codes he/she keeps confidential.

11. Technical support

Intelligent DataSoft LLC provides a customer service to its members which can supply all necessary information on the use and services of the Website.

Intelligent DataSoft LLC makes the best efforts to provide a service accessible to all the members and in the best conditions.

Intelligent DataSoft LLC cannot guarantee absolute technical compatibility of the additional functions and services it proposes with the service as their correct function is subject to the equipment’s software and hardware compatibility used by the members. Intelligent DataSoft LLC inform the members of the minimum required configurations to fully benefit from the service and additional services.

The use of a mobile application for the use of the services requires that the member previously owns a compatible device with a mobile internet connection. Prior to the application download, the member should refer to the conditions of use of the application on the download platform to learn about the necessary configuration.

Should a member experience difficulties to access and/or use one of the services provided on the Website, he/she can contact customer services at any time via the online form via the ‘help’ menu of the Website.

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